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MC-Indonesia is a club made for its members, they will enjoy not only physical health but also financial health. By joining MC-Indonesia, cill members get privileges and exclusive products from us, including having a millionaire community in Indonesia. By utilizing this community, we hope that there will be better cooperation among its members and of course help improve economic conditions in Indonesia. MCI-Indonesia statement states that members can get bonuses, prizes, commissions or benefits from any participating person or entity becoming a member. MC-Indonesia has been directly proportional to efforts and guarantees with prizes, bonuses, commissions or gains in tranding potential. Product results can differ from one person to another


MC-Indonesia has a mission to provide the best service by graduating its members to get exclusive services such as convenience, promising products and good networks, and competitive prices. MC-Indonesia is committed to developing business by improving quality, product types, updating promotion systems and support systems.


MC-Indonesia has a vision to be the best network marketing company, in order to achieve prosperity for its members, especially in the fields of health and finance.